Nigeria’s current retirement age is pegged at 60-65, but we have heard that government revealed intends to raise the eligibility age to 67 and in some sector to 75. With individuals typically living longer and the prevalence of final salary pension plans rapidly decreasing, how can Nigerians build up enough savings to enjoy their retirement years?

Strategic planning increasingly means looking to real estate for the solution – specifically, investing to build up a portfolio that pays out for many years to come. With a dizzying number of choices – from single-family homes to multi-family properties to a select number of commercial investments either here or in the States – even the most savvy investor can lose his or her way.

That’s why we’ve asked Nigeria’s leading experts in real estate investment to put together blueprints designed to get you retirement-ready in 3 years.

This forum will expose property investors and entrepreneurs how to buy real estate that will build wealth over time and secure their retirement. It provides specific information on such matters as how to choose prime investors based on demographics; choose properties best for long-term investing; evaluate operating expenses and calculate cash flows; and, manage properties.

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